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About us

We're a bunch of loonies.

Jove Pater Media* is an entertainment company formed by a group of adult babies who regularly got together to do creative stuff. By “creative stuff” we mean playing with lightsabers on camera while in bathrobes.

Coming from similar backgrounds steeped in drama, comedy and delusions of grandeur, we decided to slap on a spiffy name and register ourselves as a company so that we could tell people we had real jobs. Oddly enough, we wound up doing actual work! Having dipped our marginally rancid feet in the pools of script writing and creative development for other companies, we've since begun developing original content.

Releasing our first comic in 2010—with a couple of follow ups in the years since—we've switched our focus from “developing comics” to “developing comics for Singapore.” We’re constantly looking out for fresh talent and offer advertising opportunities. Just contact us and be sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook for updates and free content!

Yours Sincerely,
The JPM Crew

* Jove Pater’ (jōv ˈpātər)--not spelt ‘Pata’ or ‘Parter’--is Latin for ‘Father Zeus.’ Screw this, we're changing our company name to
“People Who Play With Lightsabers.”

Our Mission

We'd like to save the world.

Our Short Term Goals

To increase Singapore's activity in the development and publication of comic books by way of increasing opportunities for independent writers and artists. In addition to assistance in editing and publication, Jove Pater Media intends to branch out towards training young talents in fields related to comic creation and publication.

Our Long Term Goals

The company's long term goals includes increasing the full-time employability of writers and artists in Singapore and to have the nation recognised as significant participant of the global comic industry. It also places importance on developing original intellectual properties for multimedia consumption on an international level.

The Team

Ryan Mennen

Ryan Mennen is a comic creator and writer who has long given up hope on becoming a superhero himself and now makes do with force-feeding future generations of superhero wannabes with stories of his own.

Having entered the self-publication foray in 2010 with Salvation Sam #01 and following up with the digitally published Jupiter the Last God #01 in 2011, Ryan is now working on an all-Singaporean produced comic entitled Crimson Star.

While generally satisfied with writing superheroes, Ryan continues holding out hope that he would one day find a radioactive beast to bite him. Preferably a tiger. Or a dragon. Maybe even a unicorn.


David Goh

While he's commonly known as the "design guy," David Goh insists that he is more than just good for "doing stuff on photoshop" or "throwing up some quick logos." Like the others, David too enjoys writing, and especially has a passion for video gaming as a storytelling medium.

Aside from being primarily responsible for marketing and branding in Jove Pater Media, David Goh is now working on creating a fantasy-based storytelling universe code-named Elyswyth, which he hopes would eventually be more popular than Star Wars one day.

He's delusional that way.

Rekha Sandiran

Have you ever made your little brother act the victim while you played a female Batman kicking ass?

Well, Rekha Sandiran has.

As someone who has enjoyed theatre, music and the many aspects of the arts, Rekha has dabbled extensively with much of it. Having covered singing, acting, dancing and hosting in her schooling years, she's now moved on to playing on a new field: the wilderness known as the comic industry.

Though still new to this industry, she hopes to make at least one local female superhero kick ass and contribute to the rich library of comics.

Samuel Richard

Samuel Richard was one of the few who was born with a silver spoon. To this day, doctors are baffled at the literal birth of a rather weird metaphor. When not using the spoon to eat everything in sight, he was glued to the television—a magical device that introduced him to a vast number of elements that kick-started his so-called imagination.

Watching superhero cartoons of the '90s taught him that even though a story or genre might be tailored for a specific audience, it can easily break through barriers and be universally enjoyed.

With recent shows having failed to truly capture the audience the way the series of old have Sam is determined to be a part of the revival of “the good old days.”

Sathya Sandiran

Sathya Sandiran has always had a passion for drama and literature. From a young age he sought to express his talent and passion by way of writing stories featuring characters and themes straight out of ancient epics found in archaic cultures.

With a seemingly contrasting love for soccer (GGMU!) Sathya has spent the better half of his teenage (23 is still teenage, right?) years finding the right balance between his twin passions and hopes to one day reconcile these two very different skill sets by becoming a sonnet-spewing soccer god.

"Whosoever holds this ball, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Ronaldo."