Crimson Star


A Singaporean hero by Singaporean artistes for a Singaporean audience.
We mean it when we say “Made in Singapore.”

Crimson Star: A Singaporean Hero

Blazing across the skies of Singapore in 1988, Crimson Star claims the title of Singapore’s first superhero in a world populated with super-powered vigilantés for over 50 years.

Bearing the burden of the extraterrestrial Starpulse, Mohd Fandi bin Ishak reluctantly accepts the role of a superhero to the once quiet island-city of Singapore. However, not all up-and-coming superpowered citizens are as interested in upholding “truth, justice and the Singaporean way” as Fandi is.

And sometimes, inheriting powers also means inheriting enemies.



Created and written by homegrown comic book writer and geek Ryan Mennen, and drawn exclusively by a variety of Singaporean artists, Crimson Star will be the first in a series of locally developed content from Jove Pater Media.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Crimson Star?

    Crimson Star is an original comic book series featuring Singapore's first sci-fi superhero created and written by local comic book writer and enthusiast, Ryan Mennen.

  2. Who's that guy?

    Ryan Mennen is a borderline schizo who believes that the world is afraid of his power and has therefore been prevented entry to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    Also, he's a geek who previously created and wrote (the now hibernating) Salvation Sam and Jupiter the Last God.

  3. Will this be safe for my kid to read?

    Like most of our planned titles, this issue of Crimson Star is rated 'G' for 'Guidance' making it accessible for readers of all ages.