Jupiter the Last God


Before heroes can rise... gods must fall.

The Story

More than eight decades before the californication of heroism and events of Salvation Sam, the word “superhero” was unheard of. Until Jupiter.

A seemingly godlike man from a place and time unheard of, Jupiter's descent on Earth birthed a new era of heroism. An inspiration to Seraphim and The Crusaders during the World War era and even to Salvation Sam and The Sentry almost a century later, Jupiter the Last God's tale begins here...

With his fall.

The Publication

Crafted as an online comic, Jupiter the Last God #01 was released on Facebook and Tumblr over the months of December 2011 and January 2012, a page at a time.

Created and written by Ryan Mennen and drawn by Alan Leong, Jupiter offers the first glimpse into the early days of the fictional universe shared by the superheroes of Jove Pater Media.


Created, Written and Lettered by
Ryan Mennen
Pencilled and Inked by
Alan Leong

Additional Designs by
David Goh

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