Salvation Sam


Into every generation comes a hero... This guy just isn't it.

The Story

"With great super-villains comes a great superhero career."

Or so believes Salvation Sam. Led by his somewhat misguided belief to reach the much desired pinnacle of the superhero pyramid, Sam otherwise struggles in a world where being super doesn't make you special and being a hero is a lot harder than it looks.

So imagine trying to be a Super-Hero!

The Publication

Conceived during a particularly indulgent dinner at a Pizza Hut one night in early 2009, creators and writers Ryan Mennen and Alexander Zhao were sure that their idea had absolutely no future nor potential whatsoever. But they were bored and had nothing else in life so they decided to develop the idea for a comic anyways.

After much hard work procrastinating and not actually doing anything, the duo finally launched a 30-page black & white preview edition of Salvation Sam #01 in December 2010 under Jove Pater Media. A coloured edition of the preview was released in December 2011.



Created and Written by
Alexander Zhao and Ryan Mennen
Pencils and Colours by
Renzo Rodriguez
Inks by Merbitt
Letters by Jaymes Reed

Additional Designs by David Goh

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The Grammar Nazi


Every hero is defined by his greatest enemies.

So it's really no wonder that Salvation Sam's career has gone nowhere given that his greatest foe is an English professor nearing retirement.

Discover the absolutely mundane and dangerously boring origin of Salvation Sam's greatest enemy... THE GRAMMAR NAZI!



Created and Written by
Alexander Zhao and Ryan Mennen
Pencils by Renzo Rodriguez
Colours by Willie Jiminez
Letters by Jaymes Reed
Additional Designs by David Goh